Letter From Chairman

Across our nation’s diverse and dynamic states, one thing unites us all: A concern about the quality of life of general people in India.

We know that quality education can change a life; it can provide each and every one with the knowledge and skills to achieve his or her dreams. The success of today’s youth will determine the destiny of our nation.

Even with so much at stake, too many states, universities, colleges and schools subscribe to education myths that lull leaders, educators and communities into believing that paying capacity of child defines their ability to learn. Thankfully, those impaired expectations are beginning to change.

To SRKKF, it is the honor to help develop and implement a plan to reverse a generation of decline in our state and brighten the futures of our youngest citizens. The path to raising student achievement is not easy, but each growing pain has led to new successes and has further proven that every child can learn.

Formally SRKKF was launched in 2015 to ignite a movement of state-wise reform. Today, because of the courageous leadership of men and women throughout the country, countless more boys and girls are on track to graduate with the knowledge and skills to reach their God-given potential.

One by one, states are taking a stand for their futures by launching bold, student-centered reforms to transform education for all children. This movement to demand high-quality learning for each and every student is founded on high expectations and transparent accountability. These states are challenging the status quo to ensure students have the skills, teachers and educational choices they will need to succeed.

The results of reform will continue to demonstrate a simple truth – all students can thrive when centers of knowledge are organized around the singular goal of learning, thereby ‘Enabling the Future’.


Govind Dholakia