Santokbaa Award

SRK Knowledge Foundation has dedicated itself to the cause of humanity, mainly in the fields of medicine, education and upliftment of the needy. In accord with this vision, Shri Govind Bhai instituted the Santokbaa Award in the year 2006, in the affectionate memory and honor of his mother Santokbaa. Her selfless devotion and humanitarian values inspired him to further her mission by honoring altruists from various fields. In fact, the trophy of this special award is designed along her ideals – aspiration of rising from the soil, positivity, care, love, appreciation and collective growth. These core values are global and shared by all human beings.

The foremost objective of Santokbaa Award is to positively impact the society, permeate powerful values and encourage the youth into spreading compassion and competitive ideologies. It is awarded to those individuals whose life and work are characterized by their selfless service which inspires millions of lives and the society at large.

The prestigious Santokbaa Award has been conferred to many eminent personalities from distinctive backgrounds, including one of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders, his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama’s life is guided by three major commitments, which have also been the cornerstones of the Santokbaa Award. These values are –

  • Promoting Basic Values in the interest of Human Happiness
  • Fostering Inter-Religious Harmony
  • Preservation of Peace and Non-Violence

The world has some very special people who work tirelessly for the benefit of human race. It is our great honor to recognize their incredible efforts and achievements with this meritorious award. Rare are such souls who rise from the soil, above caste, creed and demographic locations and fulfill the aspirations of people. Santokbaa Award is our way of saying, on behalf of the entire human race to these brilliant personalities – “You Inspire Us!”

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