To fortify our agrarian economy, we have launched several agricultural and allied industry projects like save water and energy projects, advanced farming awareness, etc. Our earlier experience and knowledge of working on entire water cycle has been crucial in our agricultural water supply projects. In fact, by 2020, we contrive to protect and restore water-related ecosystems, including well, urban forests, wetland, rivers and lakes to percolate life in farming activities in surrounding regions. With support and active participation from local communities our team has been able to execute several awareness programs regarding the advanced and smart farming processes.

  • To disseminate best practices in agriculture, SRKKF has established helpdesks in remote villages like Lathi in Gujarat to provide free consulting to farmers on government policies that can benefit them.
  • SRKKF is associated with institutes to take innovative agricultural practices to farmers in remote places.
  • From time to time, in association with agricultural universities, we organise special seminars and workshops on best practices in agriculture for the farming community.