The young and dynamic artist, filmmaker and a contemporary thinker, who holds the unique distinction of working with some of the top-notch filmmakers of Bollywood and Director of acclaimed Gujarati movies like ‘Kevi Rite Jaish’ and ‘Bey Yaar’- Mr. Abhishek Jain was invited on Wednesday, 13th September 2017 in Surat to deliver a talk on Creativity in 21st Century under ‘Wisdom – A series of lectures’, an initiative by SRK Knowledge Foundation.

The chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., Shri Govind Dholakia, welcomed the eminent guests and the audience in the very first session of the lecture series. The keynote speaker Abhishek Jain, enthusiastically talked on the subject, said, “Creativity does not have any definition. Doing something in a unique way is creativity. Every person is creative in his/her self but that is not reflected due to the fear of failure. The fear of failure does not allow you to move ahead. Forgo this fear. Any and every failure is an opportunity to learn. Discover newer mistakes. It rather makes you wiser. Hence, let go the fear of failure and execute your novel ideas in action.”

Abhishek continued, “This century demands people having exclusive visualization of thoughts. Creativity is all about taking plunge. People working in dramas, film industry, advertising industry have been titled as creative people, but the fact is, people who think out of the box in any field, industry, profession, business or even housewives doing their household chores in different way are also called creative.”

Filmmaking is his tool of creativity. Likewise, everybody has to find their own. Abhishek emphasised on promoting art. He believes that art sensitises an individual and develops sensitivity in the society. Art is way of loving and creativity is purpose of living. Particularly students must ask – “Why?” Find the reason of everything, and not borrow opinions but form their own. Surat is a land of creative people, where not only art but businesses are also run creatively.

The hall of Science Centre auditorium, City Light, Surat was packed with creative talents who put across their opinions and questions to Abhishek Jain after his lecture. While interacting with the audience, he expressed his love for the regional language, Gujarati. His father inspired him to learn the language as he believed that one must know the local language; he added that he learnt Gujarati while working in theatres and Gujarati movies.

The seminar was graced by some distinguished dignitaries of the city. Dr. A.K. Singh – Vice Chancellor, AURO University was invited as the Chief Guest. Renowned Artist, Dramatist and Script Writer- Shri Kapildev Shukla was the Guest of Honour and Shri Ramnik Zapadia – General Secretary, Gujarat Kala Pratishthan was the special guest of the evening. Presenting his views about Creativity, Shri Kapil Shukla said, “Creation never stops, the process of creation and destruction is perpetual. It only changes its phase.” Acknowledging Shri Shukla’s opinion, the Chief Guest, Dr. A.K. Singh said, “The dimensions of creativity has changed with the passage of time. Today, almost all the movies are inspired by pre-eminent dramatist William Shakespeare’s scripted stories and dramas. Had the poet been alive in this era, what he could have done?! He would have profoundly chosen the medium of movies, because the creation of movies covers all aspects of creativity.”

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